Frequently Asked Fertility Questions – Answered!

How can I work out when I’m ovulating?

Ovulation, the most likely time to fall pregnant, usually occurs close to mid-cycle. In an average 28 day cycle, where Day 1 is the first day of your menstrual period, you would mostly ovulate on about Day 14. This is not always exact, so look out for other signs of ovulation like increased vaginal discharge or abdominal pain.

How long will it take me to fall pregnant?

If you have not conceived within six to 12 months of trying, you should see your gynaecologist for a general check, or go for a fertility assessment with your partner.

Why am I taking so long to fall pregnant?

There are many factors that influence fertility. These include:

  • Age – fertility declines from 35 years
  • Cysts and fibroids (see page 8) in a woman’s reproductive organs
  • Conditions like endometriosis (see page 7)
  • Emotional factors – generally, women are perfectionistic and extremely time-management aware have greater difficulty falling pregnant

Which lifestyle changes can I make to improve my fertility?

  • Relax! Take a homeopathic remedy to help ease stress.
  • Eat organic produce, avoid medicated animal foods, and choose cosmetic products that don’t have an oestrogenic effect.
  • Avoid smoking, excessive caffeine, chronic medication (as far as possible), drugs and excessive alcohol intake.
  • Do regular exercise (yoga is especially good), and keep your weight in healthy ranges.
  • Improve your diet drastically: eat at least 10 portions of fruit or vegetables daily; eat less meat; avoid fast foods, sodas, additives and preservatives and eat a low-GI diet.

What can men do to improve fertility?

  • Prevent the over-heating of testicles by avoiding tight underwear and very hot baths
  • Avoid alcohol, as it can affect the delicate testicular tubes that carry the semen, as well as sperm quality
  • Stop smoking – tobacco can destroy the sperm post production
  • Avoid recreational and muscle-building drugs at all costs
  • Get regular, moderate exercise