Bring Balance Back To Your Body With Tissue Salts

Tissue salts are a natural way to help bring balance to the body and keep you in optimum health – they empower your cells to unlock vitality.  Tissue Salts were developed to help restore wellness from the inside out, gently enabling the cells which make up your body to make better use of the nutrients from your diet.

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What are Tissue salts and where do they come from?

Tissue salts, also known as cell salts or biochemic salts, were originally developed in the 19th century by Dr Wilhelm Schüssler, a physician, biochemist and homeopath. He found that administering minute doses of these 12 inorganic nutrients helped to correct imbalances and promote healthy functioning of the cells and tissues in our bodies. He believed that if one looks after the health of the cells, the health of the body will improve.

Because the tissue salts are in a homeopathic dose and are made of the minerals that naturally occur in our bodies, this drastically decreases the chance for any kind of negative reactions. Tissue salts are a traditional medicine and can been used as additional support when dealing with many health concerns.
The Who and What of tissue salt use:

Anyone can incorporate tissue salts into their daily routine – they are easy to take – even for little ones, as they dissolve in the mouth or under the tongue and can be used daily for common niggles such as a runny nose or scratchy throat.

They can be used to support the conventional treatment of other conditions as well. For example, the Nat phos (#10) salt can be used at the same time as other prescribed treatments for heartburn or gout. Homoeopaths and other professionals use Tissue Salts as an assistant to prescription homoeopathic remedies, or to help get rid of common symptoms.

Tissue Salts are available in Simplexes numbered 1-12, and can be used in tandem with each other and other medication, or on their own.

Why Your Body Needs Them

Stress, worry, bad nutrition and other modern-day lifestyle factors affect our overall well being and causes the loss of essential minerals. These lifestyle stresses can lead to physical and mental disease. And while we can adopt a healthy, nutritious lifestyle, the use of tissue salts can assist with replenishing our mineral depletions.

Tissue Salts provide the cells with the essential nutrients lacking in the body needed for normal cellular function. Let’s look at the blood for example, if it lacks the necessary nutrients, it causes illness in the body and this is where tissue salts may assist, by improving absorption of nutrients from our diet and therefore enhancing overall good health and wellbeing.

How Are They Administered?

Tissue salts are made in a lactose base, in small white tablets, that dissolve under your tongue. Doses are taken according to the need, so if you are dealing with a more immediate health concern, a dose every half an hour would be best, and if it is a more long-term problem then once or twice a day would be an appropriate response.

Are They Safe for children?

Homoeopaths and other healthcare practitioners regularly recommend giving tissue salts to children and the pleasant taste makes them so much easier to administer.

The 12 Tissue Salts

There are 12 basic tissue salts:

TISSUE SALTS #1: CALC FLUOR – Elasticity promoter
Traditionally used to give strength and elasticity to body tissues including skin, ligaments, elastic tissue, bone and enamel of the teeth.

TISSUE SALTS #2: CALC PHOS – Bone and Teeth Support
The most abundant tissue salt in the body, traditionally used to assist with the digestion and absorption of food, and is vitally important for the building of sturdy bone and body structures as well as a robust constitution. Without this element, no bone can be formed and hence it is a valuable remedy in childhood when the bones are in the condition of being formed. Its excellent restorative powers speed up convalescence and replenish the body’s reserves.

TISSUE SALTS #3: CALC SULPH – Clear Skin Support
Traditionally used to assist the liver in removing waste products. It is indicated for assisting when you have abscesses, boils and pimples. It is particularly effective at drying up matter that continues to ooze from slow healing or weeping wounds. It is often good to use Calc sulph after the Silicea tissue salt has been used.

TISSUE SALTS #4: FERRUM PHOS – Anti-inflammatory Support
The biochemic first aid remedy which is traditionally used to assist the immune system in overcoming symptoms of localised inflammation, such as redness, heat, discomfort and localised swelling. While this tissue salt may often be beneficial for the first stages of any condition, experience has shown it to be useful with recurrent ‘colds and flu’s.

TISSUE SALTS #5: KALI MUR – Mucus Loosener
Traditionally used to help relieve conditions which are associated with mucus and phlegm. When you feel ‘congested’.

TISSUE SALTS #6: KALI PHOS – Nerve Nutrient Support
The traditionally used Tissue Salt, Kali phos, is the main Biochemic Tissue salt which functions as a ‘nerve’ nutrient. Where it has become deficient, this results in the loss of mental vigour, feeling ‘down’, being ‘drained’, fatigued and irritable – that is when this salt is indicated.

TISSUE SALTS #7: KALI SUPLH – Dry Skin and Mucus Membrane Support
The Traditionally used Tissue Salt, Kali sulph, is important for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. When it is missing, this can lead to dry skin and dandruff or to mucus membranes having ‘discharges’.

TISSUE SALTS #8: MAG PHOS – Muscle and Spasm Relaxer
When this salt it is lacking, it may result in muscle pains and cramps.

TISSUE SALTS #9: NAT MUR – Water Balance, Emotional Fatigue Support
When this salt is lacking, it may result in conditions that are characterised either by excessive moisture or excessive dryness in the body. Emotionally, it is possible that people lacking this salt experience tearfulness or emotionally fatigued.

TISSUE SALTS #10: NAT PHOS – Acidity Balancer
Traditionally used to help promote a healthy stomach and assist in overcoming excess acidity.

TISSUE SALTS #11: NAT SULPH – Liver Wellness Support
When the body lacks this salt, it may lead to difficulties with eliminating water from the tissues. Supplementing with it assists in promoting the elimination of excess water. It contributes to the healthy functioning of the liver.

TISSUE SALTS #12: SILICEA – The Cleansing salt
Traditionally used to assist the body in removing unwanted foreign material and assists the body in eliminating pus from pimples, acne and boils.

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