Let’s Talk About It series: Women living with HIV and Motherhood

In this episode, healthcare professional Zanele Cekiso shares valuable insights into living with HIV, focusing particularly on pregnancy and the complexities that can arise. Zanele’s extensive experience in the field provides a unique perspective, offering guidance to those navigating the intersection of HIV and maternal health. 

She unpacks important concepts such as PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), an antiretroviral drug used to prevent HIV, pregnancy and HIV and navigating the challenges of childbirth and beyond. She also emphasizes the importance of regular healthcare visits, medication adherence, and taking control of one’s health for a fulfilling life with HIV. 

For a wealth of information for individuals navigating HIV, pregnancy, and parenthood, creating a sense of empowerment and dispelling common myths and fears, tune into this insightful episode!

Zanele is a Registered Nurse who is passionate about HIV/AIDS and related diseases. She uses her social media platforms to raise awareness about HIV, by providing online education and psycho-social support to those who need it the most. You can follow her on Social Media:

Facebook: Nurse Zee

Twitter: @iamnursezee

Instagram: @iamnursezee