Making a difference as a Doula

In this weeks episode, Dr. Margreet Barnardt (Wibbelink) chats with Patricia Musarurwa, a doula making a significant impact in her community. Patricia, a mother of two and a doula for 12 years at the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic, shares her journey into becoming a doula.

Patricia became inspired to become a doula after witnessing a woman giving birth in her community. She highlights that being a doula is about continuous support, not just during birth but also in the postpartum period, building relationships and friendships.

The conversation touches on the collaboration between doulas and midwives. Patricia explains that while midwives focus on medical aspects, doulas concentrate on emotional support, providing comfort, and helping mothers make informed choices. The teamwork between midwives and doulas can significantly ease the workload and enhance the birthing experience.

The discussion underscores the significance of educating women about labour, empowering them to make informed decisions. Patricia shares that even when outcomes don’t go as expected, empowered women still have beautiful birth experiences.

She encourages women to know their worth and the natural process of childbirth. She emphasizes the importance of having a doula or a supportive partner during the birthing journey, promoting the idea that together, women can overcome challenges and have a positive birthing experience.

Patricia dreams of spreading awareness about the role of doulas globally, making a positive change in the birthing sector.

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