About Sister Lilian Paramor

Sister Lilian has been a leading South African pregnancy and parenting advisor for many years, is a best-selling author and has often appeared on radio and TV, and in parenting magazines, as South Africa’s go-to parenting expert. As a qualified midwife, nurse, reflexologist and natural healthcare practitioner who began her independent practice in 1988, she has helped countless parents find responsible, natural solutions to any of their parenting concerns.

What To Expect Of The First Few Breastfeeds


What To Expect Of The First Few Breastfeeds The beginning of your breastfeeding journey is a time to be treasured. It is the start of a beautiful relationship between you and your baby, as she receives all the benefits of breast milk while bonding with Mom. Breastfeeding is natural, [...]

Benefits Of Breastfeeding Checklist


Benefits Of Breastfeeding Checklist The Sister Lilian Centre ticks off some of the most important benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding and breast milk truly are remarkable – as well as being perfectly balanced and easy to digest, breast milk adapts as Baby grows, to meet Baby’s needs at every stage [...]

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