Middle Ear Infections In Little Ones

Ears are self-cleaning and if there is a discharge, this needs further investigation. Cotton buds should only be used to clean the outer ear shell and not the ear canal. Ear infections are often linked to teething and allergies which, if treated, often resolve ear infections too.

Middle ear infection (or otitis media) usually has the following symptoms:  Severe pain in the ear that can even be felt in the teeth and is worse when lying down, fever, fluid draining out of the infected ear, restlessness, crying in a higher pitch than normal, loss of appetite, and sometimes redness on the affected side of the face.

Outer ear infections, on the other hand, are usually confirmed by pulling at the ear lobe, resulting in sharp pain. Here’s what you need to know to prevent and treat this common childhood condition – middle ear infection.

Two ways to prevent ear infections:

1.     Reduce mucus: If caused by her milk formula, switch to one that hasn’t caused problems previously, or to one for allergy risk. This milk may be more expensive, but you’ll be saving on medical bills. Also, avoid giving your child mucus triggers such as baby cereals, or dairy products like yoghurt and cheese. Give a homeopathic mucus remedy for self-help.

2.     Build immunity: If your little one has frequent ear infections, give her a homeopathic remedy to build strong, natural resistance.

Four ways to treat ear infections at home:

1.     Follow all the tips above to reduce your baby’s mucus.

2.     Give a homeopathic remedy for chronic fluid build-up in the ears, earache and mild ear infection.

3.     Your doctor may want to insert grommets, which are little ‘pipes’ placed in the ear to allow fluid to drain out. These immediately relieve all the symptoms of ear infection, but won’t treat the cause of infection, which may reoccur once the grommets are out.

4.     Remember to protect Baby’s ears during bathtime, as water, shampoo or soap will just irritate those membranes even more.

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