What To Do About Fever, Earache And Croup At Night

Baby has been crying constantly, it’s the middle of the night, and you wonder if there’s something seriously wrong – should you go to the hospital? This is a difficult call to make because illnesses always appear worse at night, and not all illnesses require urgent medical attention. Here’s a quick guide to what you can do for three conditions which commonly strike at night – and when to call in help:


Normal body temperature is 36-37° Celsius – don’t guess, measure! If Baby’s fever climbs quickly, measure it frequently and if it reaches 38.5° Celsius and the measures below don’t help, you should seek medical help.

  • Strip Baby to his nappy and vest, and put cool cloths on his forehead, arms, legs, and the back of his neck
  • Cool the room with an electric fan
  • Bath him in lukewarm water
  • Give the tissue salt Ferrum phos and a homeopathic fever remedy
  • If you have used fever medication before, give some according to dosage instructions

Go to the emergency room if Baby has seizures, a dark red or purple rash develops, or Baby is very listless.


This may be related to an infection, though sometimes it could be due to congestion of the upper airway mucous membranes, or to teething troubles.

  • Let Baby sleep upright against your chest to relieve pressure
  • Give homeopathic earache remedies
  • Put a covered hot water bottle under the affected ear
  • Breastfeed often to help fight infection
  • Don’t bottle feed with Baby lying flat

See a doctor if Baby is very distressed, his fever is high, or the homeopathic remedies haven’t provided relief by the next evening.


Baby’s vocal cords become inflamed and swell, making Baby wheeze and go blue around the mouth. It can be accompanied by a cough.

  • Humidify the room and steam it with a non-automatic kettle to ease breathing
  • Dab a few drops of eucalyptus oil on Baby’s bedding
  • Make sure Baby is warm, but not overheated
  • Give homeopathic Croup or cough remedies and rub vaporiser on Baby’s chest (if he’s not allergic)
  • Add a capful of friar’s balsam to a bowl of boiling water and steam Baby over it – be careful of burning!

Get medical help immediately if Baby’s breathing gets progressively worse or his lips and fingers turn blue.