Back To Breastfeeding

Did you try to breastfeed and it didn’t work? Or do you wish you’d never weaned your baby because now you face so many health issues? Then this guide is for you…

It is possible to reintroduce breastfeeding after Baby has been weaned onto formula milk, but it will take courage and perseverance, from Mom especially. Just how easy it is to re-lactate will depend on how long Baby has been off the breast, if you breastfed Baby before, how old Baby is and how committed you are.

Here’s how to restart breastfeeding:

  • Anxiety can affect breast milk supply, so feel confident and relaxed in your approach, believing that if you really want to, it will work – this isn’t always easy, so take a homeopathic anxiety remedy to help you (and Baby), safely.
  • Offer the breast whenever Baby is hungry, as suckling will stimulate milk production.
  • Keep yourself hydrated; drink 1,5–2 litres of healthy fluids a day.
  • Eat healthily, especially seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Express milk with a gentle-action breast pump between feeds for the first week or two as well.
  • You can get a prescription from your doctor to help initiate milk flow, but this may play havoc with your emotions and has other negative effects too, so try and mimimise use of medication.

Top tips:

  • Contact a La Leche League Leader or lactation consultant to help guide you with the first few feeds.
  • Clear the decks for a few days, and rest a lot.
  • To help boost your milk supply, take a nutritious supplement tonic.
  • Breastfeed in a soothing environment to help you stimulate important lactation hormones; dim the lights and play soft, soothing music while you feed Baby.
  • Give Baby a massage, and ask your partner to massage you before a feed to further enhance relaxation and hormone flow.

If Baby fights at the breast:

  • Walk while latching until Baby stops pushing away
  • Hold Baby’s hand, allowing the elbow to bend, and soon body tension breaks
  • Make ‘clucking’ noises close to Baby’s ear
  • Nurse Baby in the bath
  • Simply lie next to Baby and allow her to ‘self-service’ feed; she’ll soon realise that what she wants is right there!

At first, you may need to supplement feed, but remember that every drop of something other than breast milk will influence your production, so always offer the breast first. It doesn’t take long to start producing milk, especially if it has been less than one or two months you haven’t breastfed.

By persevering, both you and Baby will reap the rewards of breastfeeding forever. Breastfeeding saves an amazing amount of money and is great for general health, emotional security, immunity, allergy prevention, improved development and a whole lot of other factors. What more could a mom want?

And remember, Mom, needing a little top-up feed after main feeds does not mean that you’re not making enough milk, but is Baby’s ‘after-dinner mint’.