Yolanda Masehela’s Birth Story

It’s a boy! Third time around!!!

His name is Tshepiso Jordan Masehela, born via c-section, November 2021.

My name is Yolanda Masehela and this was my first c-section after three natural births. Tshepiso was born two weeks before my 40 weeks of pregnancy, because in 2015 I had a stillborn baby, so as from then, I was advised to give birth before the pregnancy due date to try to avoid that repeating itself.

In 2016, I had another baby who was born naturally at 37 weeks of pregnancy and then with my latest birth, this time around the Doctor suggested c-section, because the induction pills I was given to drink were not doing their job. 

I was not nervous at all about the operation, my thoughts were just focused on meeting my little ray of sunshine!

Now, post operation was my biggest challenge, my operation slowed down my movement, my legs cramped frequently, and I kept them elevated even when I slept. Some parts of my body are still in the healing process, four months later. If I work bent over for some time, my lower back reminds me of the anaesthesia they injected there, and my left knee joint still feels like I have an air bubble trapped between it.

As a new day comes, my body recovers and I take it easy on myself, reminding myself that there is no rush for housework or shopping to be done, all I need to do is to pace myself and enjoy my time with our sons.

Yolanda Masehela