Empowering Families for a Positive Birth Journey

In this episode, Dr Margreet Barnardt (Wibbelink) talks with Janay Alexander-Gilchris about antenatal education and the importance of empowering families for a positive birth journey.

More than qualifications (though she has plenty!), Janay Alexander-Gilchrist is a passionate advocate for families, especially mothers, to have a positive birthing experience. A wife, daughter, friend, and most importantly a mother herself, Janay understands the profound impact of childbirth.Janay’s mission is to remind women of their inherent strength and guide them on a journey of self-discovery during childbirth. She believes preparing for birth is the greatest gift a mother can give to herself, her partner, and her baby.

Janay’s journey began in 2005 as a clinical hypnotherapist witnessing the struggles of many women with postnatal depression. She discovered a common thread: all these women had experienced birth trauma. Determined to help prevent this, Janay embarked on a mission to empower women for a more positive birth experience.

This quest led her to Hypnobirthing. Through this method, Janay equips women and their partners with tools and techniques for a calmer, more confident birthing process. The results are clear: positive birth experiences not only benefit mothers’ mental and emotional well-being, but also strengthen relationships and family bonding.

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