Labour Positions To Try

For an easier labour, pick the positions you instinctively feel are best. 



Squatting helps keep you upright and opens your pelvis for better labour progress.



Ideal for resting between contractions, the forward tilt eases pain; splayed legs open up the pelvic bones and your back can easily be massaged.

‘Hang’ onto your partner for a sense of weightlessness, comfort and a good back rub; you can also easily roll your hips to help Baby move down into your pelvis.

Leaning forward eases labour pain, making this position ideal during a contraction. You can also roll your hips to help Baby move down. Lean against a bed, table or chest of drawers.



Kneeling eases backache instantly, and ideally positions your womb and birth canal for good labour progress. You can roll your hips for comfort, and can easily get a back massage.



A birth ball supports you without restricting your pelvis from opening. You can roll your hips and lunge from side to side, all of which keeps labour progressing well, eases pain and helps you to relax.

Five more ways to make birth easier

  1. Walking around between contractions will help Baby to move down the birth canal, so labour will progress faster.
  2. Create a calm space – ask for dimmed lights, soft music in the background and hushed voices. 
  3. Remember, you have a right to be cherished, and your labour requests should be supported.
  4. Alternate periods of movement and rest; lying down on your left side is best when on the labour bed. 
  5. Take a bath or shower, or wrap moist sheets around your belly to help ease pain and provide you with some comfort.