Let’s Talk About It series: Breast Cancer

A Story of Resilience, Hope, and Healing

Breast Cancer Awareness Month serves as a reminder of the many challenges women face, as well as their remarkable strength and resilience. In this episode of the “Birth & Baby Show,” we are introduced to a beacon of hope and inspiration in the form of Bronwyn Haslim – a wife, mother of three.

Bronwyn, a resident of Jo’burg, is a devout believer in God and takes great joy in her role as a mother. Her journey is an incredible testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

From Breastfeeding to Breast Cancer Awareness

Bronwyn opens up about her experience with breast cancer. While breastfeeding, she detected an abnormality in her breast. Upon consulting her doctor, she received a daunting diagnosis: she had a fast-growing type of breast cancer. The gravity of her situation required immediate intervention, including chemotherapy and eventually surgery.

Through this challenging journey, Bronwyn’s support system was invaluable. She recounted the immense help she received from a midwife, who had initially guided her through breastfeeding challenges. Later, this same midwife would be at Bronwyn’s side during the birth of her son and assisted her in breastfeeding him with a single breast – a heartfelt moment of redemption for Bronwyn, who felt robbed of this intimate experience with her first child due to the cancer diagnosis.

Journey to Motherhood After Cancer

Bronwyn’s story took an emotional turn when she shared her experiences after her cancer treatment. Although she was told that her fertility might be compromised, she conceived naturally. Unfortunately, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Later on, after addressing some scarring issues, Bronwyn was blessed with a son and has now given birth to their 3rd child, soon after the recording of our interview with her.

The Power of Support and Sharing

One of the most poignant messages Bronwyn shared was the importance of seeking support. Whether it’s medical guidance, a listening ear, or a helping hand with everyday tasks, she emphasized that no one should navigate challenges alone. She encouraged listeners to trust their intuition, be vigilant about their health, and not be afraid to seek a second opinion if necessary.

For those supporting loved ones through a cancer diagnosis, Bronwyn stresses the significance of positive encouragement. Hearing affirming words from friends and loved ones played a pivotal role in her own journey.


Bronwyn Haslim’s story is a beacon of light for many navigating the rough seas of life. Her resilience, positivity, and unwavering faith are testament to the strength of the human spirit. By sharing her journey, Bronwyn offers hope and inspiration to all, reminding us of the miracles that can emerge from life’s toughest challenges.

For those who wish to connect with Bronwyn and learn more from her journey, you can reach out to her: bronhaslam@gmail.com.

Have a listen below as Bronwyn shares her inspirational story…