How To Breastfeed While Lying Down

Who says that nursing Moms sleep less than those who formula-feed? Master this technique in eight easy steps, and you’ll be able to take a nap while you feed your baby! Soon you’ll feel more rested than ever. Remember, you and Baby will both radiate heat, so don’t over-dress Baby, and make sure that blankets don’t cover his head.

Step 1: Mom, get dressed comfortably in a front-opening top or nursing T-shirt. Change Baby before you start feeding.

Step 2: Lie on your side, choosing whichever one feels most natural. Your mattress or the surface you lie on should be quite firm, but comfortable.

Step 3: Place a pillow between your legs at the knees, with your upper leg pulled up and bent at the knee. Get a pillow, rolled-up blanket or willing partner to support the small of your back, especially in the early stages of mastering this position.

Step 4: Fit two plump, but not overly firm, pillows into the rounded hollow between your head and shoulder – your shoulder should not rest on the pillows, but rather, the pillows should rest on your shoulder. This step is particularly important.

Step 5: The upper part of your bottom arm should stretch out at 90 degrees to your body. You can then bend this arm at the elbow to cradle Baby, simply keep it outstretched or read a book while Baby feeds.

Step 6: Baby must lie on his side, facing you, with his head snuggly fitted in below your outstretched arm, and not on top of your arm.

Step 7: Baby’s head will now be in a position that his mouth is directly opposite your nipple and areola and he can easily latch on to your lower breast without discomfort. It’s seldom necessary to hold the breast away from Baby’s nose.

Step 8: Place a rolled-up baby blanket behind Baby’s back to prevent him from rolling away. Now, allow Baby to feed as long as he wants to.

Once Baby seems done on the lower breast, place him up against your hip and pat his back to burp him. If you need to, turn onto your other side and feed Baby from your other breast.