Sister Lilian Centre’s Special Pregnancy Stress Relievers

There are a number of stress-relieving techniques that can make a positive difference in everyone’s lives, and emotional pregnant women are no exception. Turn to these when you notice that your stress levels are on the increase or if you are someone who becomes anxious or uptight easily.

Tongue trick

Be seated in a comfortable chair, gently close your eyes but resist the impulse to go to sleep. Rest the tip of your tongue against the fleshy part of your upper gum just above and behind you front top teeth. You will feel how your facial bones and muscles immediately realign leaving your face and neck feeling very relaxed. This is often one of the first areas to register tension. Migraine and other headache sufferers profit enormously from this very simple yet effective technique. Try to empty the mind of all angry and resentful thoughts while you do this, for maximum effect.

Magic mini-massage points

Sit comfortably and using your index finger, gently and slowly massage the point between your eyebrows using a circular motion. Massage your temples too. Now lightly, using an up-and-down curvy motion, massage behind your ears. This will help induce peaceful sleep and relaxation.

Visit nature often

Very few people do not respond to the inherently relaxing, soothing and energising effects of a picnic under a tree, sitting alongside a lake, breathing in the fresh aroma of rain while walking barefoot through puddles, and so on. Make this a priority and Mother Nature will automatically help you cope better with the stresses and strains of pregnancy.


Make music a habit, in the background as you work, in your car and frequently in the home as you go about your daily life. Different people respond to different music and there are no absolute guidelines about what music is the most soothing and inspirational – choose whatever relaxes you best.

If you still feel depressed and nothing seems to improve matters, help yourself by taking a homeopathic anxiety remedy as often as you like – you cannot overdose on homeopathy and Baby will not be affected. Also use the many resources found on the Sister Lilian Centre website-

You don’t need to worry too much about how heightened stresses, strains and emotionality will affect Baby though. Newborn babies may be a little more restless and colicky if their moms are very unhappy or stressed during pregnancy, but usually no more than that.