Addressing Pregnancy Stress

If you notice your stress levels are on the rise, turn to these stress-relieving techniques.

Pregnancy comes with all sorts of stresses and strains. Here are some easy ideas for alleviating anxiety and stress:


The power of music to relieve stress and maintain an emotional balance is well established. Wherever your taste in music takes you, have your tunes playing regularly, in the background as you work, in your car, and at home as you go about your daily life. 

Tongue trick

The face and neck are often the first areas affected by tension, leading to stiffness, pain and headaches. Sister Lilian’s tongue trick is a simple yet effective technique:

  • Sit in a comfortable chair and close your eyes
  • Try to empty your mind of all angry and resentful thoughts 
  • Rest the tip of your tongue against the fleshy part of your upper gum, just above and behind your front top teeth 
  • You will feel how your facial bones and jaw muscles immediately realign, leaving your face and neck feeling relaxed

Magic massage

This easy self-massage motion will help induce peaceful sleep and relaxation:

  • Sit comfortably and using your index finger, gently and slowly massage the point between your eyebrows using a circular motion
  • Massage your temples too
  • Then, using an up-and-down curvy motion, lightly massage behind your ears

You could also ask your partner to massage you – it’s a wonderful way to bond as a couple, and a superb stress reliever! Dads, here’s how to get started:

  • Neck, shoulder and back: Follow Mom’s cues as to how much pressure is comfortable. Relieve lower back ache by massaging her in a circular motion with the back of your hand
  • Hips: Use firm circular massage over Mom’s hips while she lies on her side
  • Abdomen: Rub her belly gently in a clockwise direction
  • Hands and feet: ‘Walk’ your thumb or index finger along every section of her hands and feet, not lingering too long on sensitive areas

Mother nature

It is well known that nature has positive effects on our wellbeing, and what better time to reconnect with Mother Nature than when you’re a mother-to-be? There are many ways to incorporate this into your regular routine: visit the park, have a picnic under a tree, sit alongside a lake, or head outside to breathe in the fresh aroma of recent rain.

If you are depressed or overly anxious

  • Take a homeopathic remedy for self-help, as often as you like (you cannot overdose on homeopathic treatments)
  • Use the many resources on the Sister Lilian Centre website:

Reach out to a doctor, counsellor, or the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.