Dad’s Labour Of Love

You’ve been waiting nine months for this moment… The day when you finally get to meet your new little baby. Amidst all the frenzy and anticipation, the Sister Lilian Centre’s tips will help soon-to-be Dads to keep things running smoothly.

Preparation is better than cure…

  • It might be the thing that jokes are made of, but the last thing you want is to run out of fuel on your way to the clinic. There may be enough time to fill up, but it’s much better if you don’t need to stop en route. From 36 weeks on, make sure that your car’s tank is topped up!

“Honey… I think I’m in labour!”

  • It can be rather overwhelming to hear your partner say those words, but the very best thing you can do for her now is to keep calm and stay focussed. There’s no need to rush off to the hospital straight away – rather encourage your partner to rest a bit more. Channel your nervous energy into giving her a gentle backrub instead. 
  • Once in the hospital, respect your partner’s wishes. She may be very sensitive to touch, and may prefer it if you don’t touch her. Other women love to be touched, cuddled or have their hands held, so be open to your partner’s signs – and if she is a bit ratty and impatient, try not to take it personally.
  • Tell your partner what a star she is; studies have shown that when a mom-to-be receives plenty of encouragement, she’s far better able to cope with labour pains.
  • Try not to fall into the trap of studying the monitors intensely, something that Dads are prone to do. If you allow yourself to actively take part in the birth, you will forever remember this special, life-changing day.
  • Did you know movement helps with the progression of labour? Take Mom for a walk, or put on her favourite song and dance with her. She’ll relax a whole lot more, too!
  • This tip can really help her – and you! – to relax. Gently close your eyes and rest the tip of your tongue against the fleshy part of your upper gum, just above and behind your front top teeth. Your facial bones and muscles will immediately realign, leaving your face and neck relaxed.

Baby’s here… Now what?

  • Don’t be afraid to hold Baby… you won’t hurt her! In fact, your rougher skin and slightly firmer hold is important to Baby’s security and learning curve, so don’t worry about hurting Baby. This is one of the most special experiences in life, so relax and enjoy it!