Mothers Are Magic

A calm, rested mom makes a happy home! If you take this message from the Sister Lilian Centre to heart, you will leave an indelible mark on the world – for the better!

The Sister Lilian Centre’s ‘mothering mantra’ is that it’s ultra-important to let go of mental and emotional clutter, so that you can be fully relaxed.

Most mothers instinctively know that a happy mother is at the centre of a happy home; her mood and state of well-being will ripple out to set the tone for the whole family. And yet, so often, before you know it, the ‘dream’ family derails when faced with the harsh realities of modern living, and the poor, well-intentioned mother is left to try pick up the pieces, while she herself feels lost, alone and over-stretched.

Mothering must be the hardest work there is – ask any Dad who’s stepped into Mom’s shoes for a day or two! Add to this that most women need to return to work, while continuing to be a mother, partner and home executive… It can be really overwhelming!

Be Calm, Be Really Calm

It is a tall order to keep it all together when sleep is in short supply and daily demands mount up. One thing is for sure though, this phase will pass. The magic trick is to prioritise the truly important things, and to develop a certain degree of what I call ‘mothering inefficiency’. You and your family can survive challenging times, even if your household isn’t perfect, your clothes aren’t from designer boutiques, or your child doesn’t sleep through the night.

Remember, any investment you make in your ability to stay calm will ensure that the dream you believed in at the beginning still holds true.