How To Have Merry Munchkin Moments Over Holidays And Weekends

Busy, bored toddlers can often keep parents on their toes and feeling like they too want to shed tears! That’s why we’ve come up with some game ideas to keep your tot happily busy during the holidays.

Try these ideas for toddlers of 18–24 months

  • Take your toddler on walks of exploration.This should be at his pace, allowing him to investigate stones, shrubs, sticks, flowers and pods along the way.
  • Visit an animal farm.Ducks, peacocks, horses, donkeys and cows will impress your toddler no end, and he’ll love feeding the animals. Take a picnic along, too.
  • Give your toddlera pile of socks of varying colours and encourage him to look for pairs. Praise his successes lavishly and help him when he starts to struggle.
  • Hide a few things and make a game of searching for them together. After watching you a few times, your toddler will cotton on quickly and greatly enjoy the search.
  • Sandpits are a firm favourite at this age.Keep the sandpit covered when you’re not using it, and make sure that the sand is cleaned or replaced regularly, but if you want to see your toddler’s face light up, suggest some time in the pit!
  • Get your littlie to make some holiday gifts or cards.Sheets of firm paper, paper glue and a variety of garden things (sand of different colours and textures, fallen leaves, twigs and petals) can be assembled into the prettiest of pictures.

Inexpensive toddler stimulation

Keeping toddlers busy needn’t be about expensive toys, or going on costly outings. Here are five ideas for home-made children’s toys your tots will love:

1. Artwork ideas(3–5 years) 

  • Cut veggies and sponges into interesting shapes, dip into paint and make prints.
  • Dip an old toothbrush into some paint, and holding it over some paper, run your thumb across the bristles to create an interesting effec

2. Obstacle course(2–4 years)

  • Make a hole in the bottom of an old bucket and get your little one to throw a ball through the hole.
  • Cardboard boxes can be used as tunnels, flower pots as stepping stones and old pillow cases stuffed with newspaper as punching bags.

3. Puppets(2–4 years)

  • Hand puppets can be made from old socks, using buttons for eyes and felt for the mouth.
  • Make a paper bag puppet by drawing a face on the bag, twist the corner for ears and hold in place with an elastic band.

4. Gardening(3–6 years)

  • Let your child plant herbs in pots. He should water these regularly and harvest the produce as it ripens.

5. Home-made puzzle(2–4 years)

  • Stick a magazine picture onto a stiff piece of cardboard. Cut this into different shapes and build the puzzle with your child. Your child can make puzzles if he’s old enough, too.