Here’s How To Stress Less About Children’s Behaviour

A tot runs around the movie theatre screaming and people mutter, ‘What terrible parents he has!’ Fair or not, our parenting skills are often judged on how our tots behave. No wonder behaviour is the third of parents’ Big Three stresses, after sleep and feeding!

Parents do play a big role in their tots’ behaviour; all babies and children need calm, confident parents and an endless supply of unconditional love. You won’t always like what your little one does, but it’s important for you to love and accept them for who they are. Remember: you can’t spoil a child with love! If their emotional needs are not met, little ones may act out to get attention.

Discipline is a controversial subject

Everyone has something to say about how you raise your child, don’t they? When trying to set Behaviour boundaries, it’s important for you not to be afraid of your child – this just makes them uncertain and more likely to act out. That does not mean you must be aggressive or impulsive, but , if necessary, give your tyke an EARFUL – of Sister Lilian’s kind!

E– is for Example is vital, from both parents

A– is for Attention, especially significant interaction

R– is for Rules to regulate home life should be few, wise, and consistent

F– is for Feedback for positive behaviour is vital

U– is for Use distraction when you see bad behaviour starting

L– is for Leave if bad behaviour persists; if you walk away and avoid eye contact and conversation your little one doesn’t have an audience and will stop performing!

At the end of the day, you need to be confident as a parent and about the choices that you make. There isn’t only one correct way to raise a child – all children are different and need different approaches. If you are doing what’s best for Baby, you, and your family, then strangers in movie theatres can say what they like!

Remember, children are very resilient; they don’t need a perfect childhood, they just need you to try your best and love them like they love you – unconditionally.