Sister Lilian Centre’s Basic Sleep Recipe

The problem with developing a sleep recipe is that babies and toddlers are completely different from one another… it’s almost impossible to develop an actual sleep recipe.

Instead, you need to build up your own flexible, kind, realistic routine around your child’s own natural rhythms instead of following a prescribed, rigid bedtime routine.However, try Sister Lilian’s Basic Sleep Recipe below – it was formulated to maximise happiness at the end of a long day with the result of improved sleep. While not all babies will sleep through every night from dusk till dawn when you use this, nights will improve dramatically.

Sister Lilian Centre’s Basic Sleep Recipe

17:00 Take your little one for a 30-minute walk.
17:30 Play boisterous, physical, age-appropriate games for 20 minutes – Dad might enjoy getting involved with this!
17:50 Supper time! Offer your little one supper, but allow her to feed herself, and don’t insist on eating. Milk is the only important meal for the first six months of life, and is still very important up until your baby is one year old.
18:10 Bath time, and you or Dad should take the opportunity to hop in the bath with Baby, or play lots of different water games.
18:30 Give Baby a massage all over.
18:45 For about 15 minutes, take the time to play quietly indoors. These games should also be age appropriate.
19:00 Story time – read to Baby, recite nursery rhymes or sing lullabies.
19:15 Goodnight hugs and kisses… and then lights out.

By all means, lie or sit quietly alongside Baby until she falls asleep, as leaving a baby to cry is wrong and harmful.

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