Top 9 Parenting Rewards

Let’s face it – parenting isn’t easy. Children restrict your ability to do whatever you want, to sleep in, or to see a late-night movie on impulse. Finances are more of an issue and life seems to be all about responsibility and very little about fun. You’re often haggard from lack of sleep. Your world seems focused on setting a routine, changing nappies and preparing milk and food. And don’t get me started on dress sense… So what’s the big deal about having babies?

I’m lucky enough to come into contact with parents as the core of my everyday work. When I ask them if they would rather not have children at all, I have never, in 25 years, had one parent say they wish they weren’t parents. Moms might doubt themselves and dads might wish they could start over with more wisdom, but all agree that it is the most rewarding thing they have ever done.

The rewards of parenting

Although the rewards of parenting may be intangible, they are not difficult to describe. I’m sure you would readily agree that these rewards make the tough times worth every bit!

1. Personal growth

Your children bring out the best in you. They show you the value of the truly important things in life, and you’ll want to be your best to show them a good example. You meet adversity with greater courage so your children won’t feel insecure. You discover talents you never knew you had, and develop your weaker areas so that your children will profit. All the while, we as parents grow to be more experienced and richer as humans.

2.A better world

Most parents discover an active interest in making the world a better place once they have children. Suddenly, it matters what we do to our environment, how we dispose of trash and which products we choose to buy.

3. Compassion

Children have deep-seated compassion for creatures in need. As parents, we can adopt this, and extend compassion to fellow humans as well.

4. Natural health

Once a baby is part of your world, many parents discover a pressing need to learn more about natural ways to keep their family healthy. Consequently, nutrition often improves and other avenues to better health are explored.

5. Wisdom

Parents will learn how to tap into intuition and will evaluate all possible solutions to any situation, in order to come up with a creative and better course of action. This makes it easier to deal with other situations, not only parenting ones, with greater insight and understanding.

6. Friends

Parents make friends in unexpected places – from antenatal courses to queues in baby clinics, from walking the passages of a mall to alongside the sports field. If you share interest in your respective children’s activities, it has a way of bonding friendships.

7. Stronger marriage

Creating a child together offers a special opportunity to grow closer and deepen love. No other living soul on earth will experience quite the same emotion as you two about your baby. Allow your child to cement the bond into a stronger, deeper one and you will know one of the greatest rewards of parenting.

8. Dealing with loss

A very special gift children bring to parents is the ability to cope better with loss. Should a grandparent pass away, you lose your job or you get a divorce, and you’re filled with sorrow, your child will help you heal by their forward-looking nature and innocent optimism.

9. Appreciation of family

Once your life is enriched with a baby, deeper bonds are often formed with your own parents and extended family. You suddenly understand the value of family and appreciate the contribution and sacrifices your own parents made over the years.

Parenting is one of the most creative phases of human life – the challenges and growth opportunities never stop! It is all about raising confident, courageous, compassionate, creative children and if you go with the process, you will enjoy short-term rewards as well as those that come only in the fullness of time.