Sensitive Parenting Is Sensible Parenting

I have a message for Mums and Dads that I believe to be of vital importance! But first, a question: Why do parents let themselves be so easily influenced by ‘groupie parenting gurus’?

If you battle to deal with your baby crying; if sleep is a sensitive subject in your household; if mealtimes are all about worry, fuss and fighting, then you need to take a step back, do some introspection and think about the relevance of the advice your ‘go-to’ people are giving you. This includes health professionals, your family and friends with little ones of the same age.

For sure, raising babies and children is not a stroll in the park – it takes courage, patience, humour and hard work. But let’s be honest here – leaving a baby to cry does not teach the ability to “self-soothe”, invariably backfiring in another area of life and leaving mothers unhappy too. Forcing a rigid sleep routine on babies and separating them from their parents seldom works, and can’t be achieved without being harsh. If feeding little ones involves a fight, they do not eat more, nor do they eat healthier foods.

Dire predictions that your child will be spoilt and forever dependent if you hold and rock her when she cries, co-sleep until she is ready to move to her own space, and allow feeding to be baby- and toddler-led, are quite simply not true! There is increasing research and evidence to prove this, and any health or parenting professional who tells you differently has not updated their expertise.

I know it seems as if it takes more from Mums and Dads to do this “slow parenting” which I call “sensitive parenting” – especially if you work outside the home. But the truth is, not only is it possible and better, it is easier than you may think for everyone – that’s Baby and you, Mum and Dad! Now, if something is research-based, resonates positively with your heart and achieves better, easier parenting, why do parents continue to follow the frequent, harmful advice of others that is difficult to implement? It just doesn’t make sense!