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At the Sister Lilian Centre, we want to be sure that you have easy access to advice you can trust. For this reason, we’ve worked on a range of resources (from blog articles, to podcast episodes, to vlogs) that cover common concerns. But we’re also aware that many parents often need personalised guidance from a professional.

That’s why we’ve opened up this platform so that you can chat with us about pregnancy, birth, postpartum life, and baby- and childcare:

  • Are you pregnant and unsure what to do next?
  • Did you receive disappointing news at your last pregnancy checkup, and do you need to chat it through with someone?
  • Do you need input on your birth plan?
  • Do you need help finding the right birth team?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by new parenthood?
  • Do you need trusted breastfeeding advice?

Whatever your unique needs, we’d love to help. Click the button below to book an appointment with our Midwife Specialist, Dr Margreet Wibbelink.

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Note: Most medical aids cover online Antenatal Classes. After booking your consultation, you can email to request an invoice to submit to your medical aid.