Empowering Birth:  From Rituals to the Relax-In Sling with Karen Wilmot

In this podcast episode, Dr. Margreet Barnardt (Wibbelink) hosts Karen Wilmot, a South African midwife, to discuss natural birthing and the Relax-In Sling, a tool designed to support women during pregnancy and childbirth.

Karen emphasizes the universal nature of childbirth, irrespective of cultural backgrounds, highlighting the need for consistent respect and reverence for women during the birthing process. She draws on her experiences in the Middle East, where birth is deeply honored with rituals, especially during the postpartum period.
The conversation delves into the importance of empowering women in their birthing experiences. Karen stresses the impact of birth on women’s lives, emphasizing that it is a transformational process requiring respect for the physiological and natural aspects of childbirth.

The podcast explores the medicalization of birth and the need to bring back the beauty and nature of the birthing process. Karen advocates for informed choices, encouraging women to explore the spectrum of birthing options beyond the extremes of natural and hospital births.

The episode introduces Karen’s Relax-In Sling, a tool designed to support women during the last weeks of pregnancy and labour. The sling aims to facilitate more comfortable positions, mobility, and relaxation, ultimately contributing to a smoother labour experience.

For more information about the Relax-In Sling and Karen’s work: https://duedateclub.co.za/