Birthing Positions: All You Need To Know!

In this captivating podcast episode, Dr. Margreet, the Birth and Baby Show podcast host, embarks on a groundbreaking discussion about birthing positions. As a passionate midwife specialist, Margreet advocates for a return to natural birthing practices, empowering women and midwives alike.

Delving into the historical context, Margreet highlights that upright positions have been the traditional norm for childbirth. However, the over-medicalization of birth has led to a prevalence of back-lying positions, which can hinder the natural flow of labour and increase the likelihood of interventions.

Margreet emphasizes that the choice of birthing position is crucial, as each position influences the ease and speed of labour. Standing, sitting, squatting, and lying on the side all offer unique physiological benefits. By understanding these benefits and encouraging freedom of movement, mothers can optimize their birthing experience.

Empowerment is at the heart of this episode, as Margreet encourages women to trust their bodies and collaborate with birth professionals to explore a variety of birthing positions. She shares inspiring success stories from workshops where midwives discovered the effectiveness of different positions, leading to smoother births and enhanced satisfaction.

The message is clear: the best birthing position is the one that feels right for the mother. By advocating for natural births and empowering women and birth professionals, we can reduce unnecessary interventions, lower cesarean section rates, and revolutionize the birthing experience.

Margreet concludes by reaffirming her mission to continue the birthing revolution, bringing birth back to its natural roots. She invites listeners to join her journey through empowering podcasts, educational content, and training opportunities. Together, we can make natural birth the norm again.

The 2018 WHO Guideline referenced in this week’s episode can be found here:
WHO recommendations: Intrapartum Care For A Positive Childbirth experience.