Let’s Talk About It series: Cervical Cancer

We are starting a new series: ‘Let’s talk about it’ addressing the topics we rather don’t want to talk about, especially topics that are related to sexual and reproductive health as it is subject to stigma. We are kicking the series off by talking to Sebabatso Tsaoane about Cervical Cancer, what it is, how it can be prevented and treated.

Sebabatso is a Multi-award winning Registered Nurse Midwife as an agent of change she constantly goes beyond the call of duty to manifest her vision of healing the nation by healing women. She is the founder and CEO of Black Woman Arise Women’s Health Foundation; A non-profit organization aimed at promoting women’s sexual reproductive health through de-stigmatization, education and bridging the gap between women in the community and healthcare professionals.

Through this NPO, Sebabatso is working on a project to decrease cervical cancer related morbidity and mortality amongst Mangaung Metro women. This is done through taking cervical cancer screening services to disadvantaged and hard to reach areas in the Mangaung Metro Municipality on a mobile clinic in order to raise awareness and promote early detection.

Furthermore, she provides training for Nurses in order to improve capacity to provide cervical cancer education and screening. Through partnership with the Department of Health, Sebabatso is working on opening a Colposcopy and LLETZ clinic in one of the District hospitals in order to decentralize precancer treatment and reduce long waiting periods for the women with positive pap smear results. Additionally, Sebabatso provides training for traditional and faith based leaders in order to empower them to better support their congregants and promote screening behaviour.

You can find out more about Sebabatso and her work on her website: http://www.bwawhf.co.za/ or follow her on Social Media:


Sebabatso Connie Tsaoane
Black Woman Arise Women’s Health Foundation
Black Woman Arise Clinic

We trust that you will enjoy this insightful Birth & Baby Show episode!