Hormonal Health for Women

Jacqui Niehaus is back for a power packed interview, this time on hormonal health for women. She featured earlier in an episode on Nutrition for the (wanting to be) Mom. This time she unpacks our hormonal health and what a healthy cycle looks like, which really is the cornerstone of women’s health and wellbeing. She explains what are the current stressors that disrupt our hormonal health and how we can restore it. 

Jacqui is a biostatistician turned women’s wellness coach. Her goal is to empower women to understand more about their hormone cycles and how they can use nutrient-dense, whole food as a way to nourish their bodies and bring balance back to their health. 

You can find out more about Jacqui and get in touch via her website: https://www.wellnesswithjacqui.co.za/