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In this episode, Jacqui Niehaus shares incredible truths and empowering messages about Nutrition and Hormonal Wellbeing. Jacqui is a biostatistician turned women’s wellness coach. Her goal is to empower women to understand more about their hormone cycles and how they can use nutrient-dense, whole food as a way to nourish their bodies and bring balance back to their health.

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We are addressing the many conflicting information in the wellness world, especially when it comes to women’s hormone health. Many messages are quite restrictive, telling you to cut out different kinds of foods, creating quite a fear-based mentality around food. Most women who struggle with symptoms of hormonal dysregulation, come from a background of having a negative relationship with food, ending up under-nourishing their bodies.

Jacqui is therefore careful with the language she uses around nutrition, encouraging women to prioritize nourishment, feeding their bodies with love and with care and giving their body these nutrient dense foods that provide them with the vitamins and the minerals that they need to support optimal home hormone health. That perspective shift alone, can make a big difference in the way that a woman cares for her body.

Furthermore, Jacqui gives practical tips on how to make sure you are meeting your body’s nutritional needs in order to function optimally. She takes a ‘food first’ approach, before supplementing, as the nutrients we’re getting from food are in a much more bioavailable form, then supplements. And when talking about food, these are not necessarily all the commercialized ‘superfoods’ that are so expensive. You will be surprised how ‘old school foods’ are all we need!

In her work, Jacqui focuses a lot on preconception preparation, which is often overlooked. It is so important to prepare your body by nourishing it well, before one even tries to conceive.

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