Butts vs Bumps: A Battle We Can’t Afford To Lose

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The guest in this episode is Dr Kieran McLeod, a South African medical doctor and founder of ByeGwaai. Drawing on his passion for behaviour change and digital health, Kieran founded mobile app-based smoking cessation solution ByeGwaai – an evidence-based, easy-to-access and affordable program to help South Africans quit smoking.

Dr Kieran shares about his journey how he saw his own mom struggling to quit smoking growing up, till how he now impacts many people’s lives through his work. Most people think that smoking is disappearing and it’s not something to be concerned about. The actual truty is that smoking has been on the rise. But interestingly, in South Africa in 2016, we had about 8 million tobacco users, which represented about 20% of the adult population. Another study was done in 2020 showing that suddenly we were up to 13 million tobacco users, which is about 30% of the adult population. That is a pretty substantial increase over a five year period, especially when we had a tobacco sales ban and obviously the Covid pandemic as well. About 35% of smokers who make New Year’s resolutions, have quit smoking as one of their New Year’s resolutions, but the sad thing is 80% of them will fail within a month of trying.

Dr Kieran took advantage of these challenges and saw it as an opportunity to create change. Pregnancy for example is one of those opportune times to help people to quit smoking as it is already a time of great change and knowing that it negatively impacts pregnancy and birth outcomes. Oftentimes, healthcare professionals have limited training and experience to really assist their patients to quit smoking. He explains how his structured programme provides a holistic approach to assist people on their journey to quit smoking.

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