When Things Don’t Go As Planned Series – Birth Before Arrival (BBA)

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We did a series on Birth Options, knowing your options and making informed choices. But when it comes to birth, we never know how things will unfold.
All births are different.

First time parents tend to go to the birth centre or hospital too soon, as they are uncertain whether it’s true labour and so excited for the baby’s arrival by the first sign of labour. On the other hand, second and third time babies tend to come faster and this is when one can arrive too late! Rules that applied for the first time, can be different for the second time round.

In this Episode we discuss a ‘Birth Before Arrival’, which can happen on the way to the birthing facility – in the car. Or at home while waiting for transport to the hospital, or in the hospital while waiting for the midwife or doctor! It can all happen.

Now, when it comes to birth – your body knows what to do and will get that baby out when the time is right. Here are some vital tips to help you if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Stay calm.
  • Listen to your body.
  • Take on a position that feels right for you – most of the time that will be upright, or on all fours.
  • Make sure someone is there to ‘catch’ the baby – if not yourself.
  • Once the baby is out, place baby on you, skin-to-skin.
  • DRY the baby and keep it warm.
  • Keep the umbilical cord intact.
  • Ask for help, call your healthcare provider.