Tissue Salt Therapy In A Nutshell

Tissue salts are derived from important mineral compounds that our bodies need. There are 12 tissue salt remedies in total, which help to maximise the absorption of minerals from food, and also have a direct effect on the body.

The best part about tissue salts is that they’re prepared in a similar way to homeopathic remedies, so are completely safe for everyone – babies, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms included!

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Here’s how some important tissue salts can help you:

Tissue Salt Tissue salt number For pregnancy and birth For Baby and Toddler
Calc fluor 1 Stretch marks, ligament pain, varicose veins, constipation, dental health Bedwetting, growing pains
Cal phos 2 Baby’s development, immunity, anaemia, bone strength, dental health Constant crying, frequent illness, teething, poor appetite, growing pains
Ferrum phos 4 Ligament pain, red and swollen joints, anaemia, acne, burning pain Poor sleep, frequent illness, teething, bedwetting, earache, sore throat, skin rash
Kali mur 5 Vaginal thrush, mucus congestion Cradle cap, oral thrush, sticky eye, nappy rash, excess mucus, earache
Kali phos 6 Baby’s development, stabilising emotions, pregnesia, pain, anxiety, nerve repair Colic, frequent tearfulness, bedwetting, hyperactivity, high need baby, poor sleep
Mag phos 8 Uterine irritability, leg cramps, baby hiccups in the womb, headaches, pain Colic, hiccups, teething, hyperactivity, earache
Nat mur 9 Dry itchy skin, depression, dry stools, fluid retention Frequent illness, unhappiness, excess watery mucus, poor appetite, dry skin rashes
Nat phos 10 Pregnancy nausea, heartburn, acne outbreaks Milia (tiny white spots), sour-smelling posset, colic