Hormonal Health, Why Is It Such A Big Deal And What Is Disrupting It?

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Health is everyone’s right and their responsibility! Hormonal health is an integral part of our well-being as these powerful messengers regulate all body systems.

This week’s special guest is Dr Eseza Nambassi. Together we tackled:

  • What are hormones and why are they so important?
  • What happens if our hormones are out of balance?
  • What are the biggest threats to our hormone health?
  • How does it affect women’s health?
  • What would her advice be when it comes to hormonal health?

Dr Eseza is married to Dr Nambassi (Obs & Gyn) and is a mother and a grandmother. She graduated from medical school in 1985. She focused much of her medical career on HIV, and is passionate about the role of lifestyle (especially nutrition) on health or disease outcomes.

Dr Eseza Nambassi works holistically with families and is passionate to inform and educate the youth as she believes they are the key to ending the trend of chronic diseases.

She currently coaches clients who are wanting to lose weight, balance their hormones or who suffer from infertility.

Find out more about Dr Eseza on her website: www.simplyhealthier.co.za and follow her on Social Media handle @simplyhealthieryou

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