Sensitive Cesarean Section – What Is It And How Can It Be Achieved?

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Midwife Specialist Melanie Kearney joined Dr Margreet for an insightful conversation about ‘a Sensitive Cesarean Section’.

Melanie’s love for working with new life started in her final year of her Bachelor’s degree. She completed a B.Soc.Sc in Nursing in 2006 at the University of the Free State, while being mentored by Dr Myburg in midwifery.

Melanie was fortunate to have a strong foundation for natural birth, while encompassing the miracle of womanhood, in pregnancy, but moreover during motherhood.

After completing her studies, she landed her dream job in a labour ward in Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic. It was here where mentor, Charne Human, introduced her to the sensitive way of birth, including that a caesarean section is not only an operation, but also a birth.

Together, they developed what they coined as a Sensitive Caesarean Section in 2008. Melanie started her own private practice in 2014, supporting parents during Caesarean Sections with a more conscious choice of a sensitive birth approach.

Melanie is currently working as an independent midwife at Estherea Women’s Wellness Clinic where she has found a safe space for her to grow as an independent midwife while working in a true partnership model with the childbearing family.

She has the ability to do what she loves most, while living as the daughter of the Creator of Life, being a wife to her husband, Burger, and a mother to her two boys, Reinhardt and Colin.

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