Homeopathy For Labour, Birth And Life After Birth

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For our latest podcast episode, I chatted with Ian Wheeler, Homeopathic Pharmacist and founder of the well-known Pegasus Homeopathics range. He grew his own group of retail pharmacies over 33 years but was always intuitively drawn to natural medicine. Ian expanded all his pharmacies to incorporate a health section until in 1994, he completed a three-year Classical Homeopathy course which culminated in him formulating the Pegasus range of homeopathic remedies. He then sold his pharmacy in order to fully focus on his passion for natural medicine, in particular homeopathy. Ian travels the country teaching pharmacist colleagues, as well as introducing it to pharmacy students. He also liaises with and teaches nursing sisters, midwives and doulas, because he finds that the field of homeopathy is of particular value to treat and help their pregnant and breastfeeding clients, and newborn infants. Last but not least, Ian launched the Pegasus Pet range at the end of 2017, believing as he does that homeopathy is for every member of the family!

In this episode, Ian:

  • Explains how homeopathy works
  • Demystifies the many myths
  • Explains the differences between classical and self-help homeopathy
  • Outlines how homeopathy can help women and their families

To find out more about Homeopathy or to order the Maternity Kit and or Blue Box, visit: https://www.pegasuskits.com

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