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Owning responsibility for your pregnant health

Increasingly women and their partners realise that preparing for conception, pregnancy and parenthood is the very best form of preventative health and well-being.

You may think that you don’t have much influence over how things go, but nothing could be further from the truth! To be very direct about it, as a couple, you have most capacity to influence the outcomes of your own personal well-being, as well as that of your developing baby. No longer need people leave the responsibility for how things turn out solely at their health practitioner’s door – there’s just too much information available to guide you to a state of empowerment, with a focus on wellness rather than illness, a state of ease, rather than of dis-ease.

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to the many things you can control – after all, you’re growing a whole new life! For the best possible outcome, there are three basics to think of, and they aren’t all tangible factors either:

  1. You need a healthy body

For the best pregnancy you ideally need to invest time and effort into attaining glowing health before you conceive. A healthy, active lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy will make your whole experience better and easier. Nutrition is truly fundamental to well-being. It’s simply not good enough to continually compromise on what and how you eat in pregnancy, as you are now growing a baby. Your pregnancy well-being is also directly related to your diet.In addition, understanding the cause of niggles and discomforts and the best, natural ways to relieve them, will make your pregnancy so much easier.

2. You need a healthy mind

While you might find it easy to conceive, be mindful of your reasons for wanting a child and the responsibility awaiting you. Pregnancy is a special window of opportunity to develop your emotional resources, and the impact will be felt for generations to come. Optimism and consideration of people and the planet are just as important.

3. You need a healthy relationship

Babies don’t save marriages and life partnerships, yet it is amazing how often couples in an ailing relationship pin their hopes for family happiness on having a child. Yes, children can bring out the best in you but having a child will seldom heal a deep rift on a permanent basis. Before you embark on the road to parenthood be honest with yourself – are the problems you and your partner experience deep and longstanding, is there mutual respect, do you enjoy a wide variety of similar interests and friendships and do you support each other in your personal ambitions?

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