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For Sister Lilian’s responsible, innovative, sensitive and practical approach, look no further than our free digital magazines! Although supported by advertisers, you can rest assured that all articles and snippets consist of only Sister Lilian’s sage, unbiased advice. This is just another way the Sister Lilian Centre strives to improve your parenting experience. Happy reading!

Are you crying out for a voice of sanity in the bewildering world of babies and toddlers? Sister Lilian’s FREE mini-online magazine, eBaby, will guide you through physical and emotional babycare, toddler challenges, parenting matters, healthy nutrition and family health. As our slogan says – this is your way to have ‘Sister Lilian @ your fingertips’. You have come to rely on Sister Lilian’s caring, consistent, credible advice, because she understands how often parents simply need a guiding hand with a few simple steps, in order to make a profound, positive difference to the busy years with babies and toddlers in the home.

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Birth tales is a one-of-a-kind initiative of the Sister Lilian Centre, born to offer women a platform to express what giving birth meant to them. This collection of   28 true South African birth stories will bring a tear to your eye one moment, and a gentle smile to your lips the next. These birth stories are complemented by supportive information from leading pregnancy, birth and parenting advisor Sister  Lilian, to help others who will read Birth tales to claim their birth   day with pride  and intuition. It’s an enjoyable read, while celebrating the significance of birth in  the life of women, babies and families.

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Having a good, safe, happy pregnancy is one of the best ways of having the best birth possible, and going on to have a wonderful parenting experience. That’s why ePregnancy was born! This is the Sister Lilian Centre’s mini-online pregnancy and birth magazine. It pulls no punches and takes the mystery and the ouch factor out of your 40-odd week waiting period, and makes sure you have the truth and nothing but the truth about birth. This instantly translates into less anxiety for you, our valued reader – after all, doesn’t every expectant mother want her own personal midwife? That’s who ePregnancy is – your very own gentle, online midwife, there to give you her trusted, FREE advice, just when you need it.

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The inspiration for the special collection of tales in Against all odds came about when Sister Lilian was introduced to Beulah le Roux Botha and her 54 year old daughter, Elmaré de Lange, South Africa’s oldest living woman with spina bifida. They shared their remarkable tale of despair and glory, pain and pleasure, challenge and faith, and it became crystal clear just how the human spirit can triumph in the face of adversity – against all odds. Mom Beulah, a confident, strong personality, had just the right temperament and devotion to stand by Elmaré every step of the way, and set the tone for this little book, which showcases other mothers and families with the same fortitude, though their stories vary greatly. No matter your beliefs or convictions, Against all odds is sure to fill you with a sense of how need breeds courage, and leave you feeling humbled by how unending a mother’s love is, and inspired by how strong faith and family bonds can be when the odds are stacked against you.

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