About Sister Lilian

Sister Lilian is South Africa’s leading pregnancy and parenting advisor, and a best-selling author. She often appears on radio and TV as South Africa’s go-to parenting expert, and some of her books have been translated into Spanish, Romanian and Afrikaans.
Her mission is to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting in South Africa, and beyond! As a qualified midwife, nurse, reflexologist and natural healthcare practitioner who began her career in 1975, she’ll help you find responsible, natural solutions to any of your parenting concerns or questions. 
Sister Lilian’s burning desire is to help you to enjoy your parenting experience, and to empower you during pregnancy, labour and while raising your children. She calls her approach ‘sensitive parenting’ and firmly believes that raising children is the most important job on earth, because it is about raising the next generation and shaping the future of the world.
Sister Lilian says: “Harsh parenting breeds harsh people, whereas sensitive parenting is exceptionally successful at liberating the best in each individual. 
This view is based on sound evidence and my years of hands-on experience. Individuality, innovation and intuition are key to the best pregnancy, birth and parenting experience possible.I want all parents to know that simple steps can have a huge impact, and could easily change your situation for the better… as long as you are prepared to take those first steps!”
The Sister Lilian Centre grew out of Sister Lilian’s private midwifery and babycare practice which she started in 1988. Initially it was a walk-in centre but currently all Sister Lilian Centre services are offered online, or are booked by special arrangement with the Sister Lilian Centre.
Sister Lilian is also the founder of the unique Sensitive Midwifery Symposium (since 1996) and Sensitive Midwifery Magazine (since 2008) for midwives and other pregnancy and babycare health professionals. These initiatives work to improve the quality of care available to women and babies, to challenge unacceptable midwifery practices and to encourage more sensitive, caring midwifery and childcare.
Enjoy getting to know Sister Lilian as you explore the Sister Lilian Centre website!

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